Best Soft Dog Food For Older Dogs With Bad Teeth

With more options for dog foods than ever before, choosing the right dog food can often be confusing. If you are hoping your canine friend will gift your with many years of happy companionship, you will want to choose food appropriate to their stage of life and health conditions.

Just like with humans, the best preventative and therapeutic medicine we can hope for will come from healthy food choices. So, keeping a close eye on your dog’s health and physical needs is the best place to begin your search for the right dog food. Remember, that the dietary needs of your dog may also change at many points in their life and providing the right food at the right time will allow your friend to enjoy a healthy life and achieve a ripe old age.

Highly-Recommended Choices of Soft Dog Food for Older Dogs

Of course, the best place to begin your search for an excellent soft dog food for your friend will be their personal preferences and recommendations made by your vet. Your vet can also provide pointers on making the transition to bring about optimal results and prevent any negative complications.
Nevertheless, here are a couple of choice products that provide ample nutrition and easy digestion for older dogs and dogs with other oral problems that can affect their health. Ask your vet if any of these superior products is a good choice for your canine companion.


Iams Proactive Health Wet Dog Food Chicken - Senior


Your dog will need a well-balanced diet filled with healthy ingredients and that’s what you will find in IAMS PROACTIVE WET DOG FOOD. While this tasty meal has been designed with the health and needs of older dogs in mind, it has also been recommended by veterinarians for dogs of all ages even those as young as a year old. Specially formulated to produce a healthy lush coat of fur and boundless energy, this top-shelf dog food is delicious (so they say) and sure to be well-accepted by your best friend.


  • Hearty meals slow cooked in natural broths for extra flavor.
  • Rich in omega fatty acids that improve the shine and health of your dog’s coat.
  • Excellent source of vitamins and minerals that improve your dog’s health and immune function


Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Canned Dog Food


For a turnkey solution that ticks all the boxes, you can’t go wrong with an all-natural gourmet meal of sweet potatoes and chicken. WELLNESS COMPLETE HEALTH NATURAL WET CANNED DOG FOOD has been specially formulated with the nutrient-rich older dogs will need for good health and proper digestion. Best of all it is presented in an original and highly popular recipe that dogs everywhere are drooling over.


  • Specially designed senior dog formula. High in fiber, but low in calories means excellent balance for a more laid back lifestyle.
  • Premium selection of meats, grains and veggies for an especially popular doggy dish.


Why Choose Soft Dog Foods for Older Dogs and Dogs with No Teeth?

As you dog gets older the importance of a specially prepared diet will be even more important. Older dogs often develop sensitivities in their teeth and gums that make chewing the regular dry dog food a difficult and even painful prospect. Here is where a softer dog food isn’t as harsh on this condition and provide all the healthy nutrients your dog needs daily.

Because, dog health conditions are not always as readily noticeable or as easily discernible as they are in humans, it will be important to speak with your vet if you begin to notice any signs of sensitivities to the regular food you provide. In addition to the conditions of aging, tooth decay and gingivitis are other causes of discomfort while eating.

Dogs also lose teeth as they age and this can cause problems in the digestive system when their capacity to chew is diminished. A proper healthy digestion begins when food is chewed and properly mixed with saliva. Soft foods allow this important stage in the process to be completed and foods to be properly broken down allowing for healthy digestion.

Final Notes on Soft Dog Foods for Older Dogs

It is important to remember that dogs need to chew through tough foods and toys (or expensive shoes) to clean their teeth and properly massage their gums for good health. A diet of only soft foods may not provide this stimulation and can cause oral health problems. Ask your vet about what you can do to b on top of your dog’s teeth and gum hygiene to prevent plaque and gingivitis from complicating the conditions.

Your vet may suggest specific chew toys, doggy snacks or even veggies and fruits that can help improve dental health. If you haven’t already, there are also dog toothbrushes and toothpastes that can be a big boost for canine oral health.