Register Dog As Emotional Support

How To Register Your Dog As Emotional Support Animal

Simply view the homepage of this website, enter your registration information and submit the registration form. Your certification information will be displayed to save and print.

Dogs have been termed as man’s best friend since time immemorial. Federal laws allow individuals with certain mental disabilities to have emotional support dogs that they can take with them almost anywhere they go. What is an emotional support dog, do I need to register dog as emotional support? This is a dog that offers comfort and love to its owner.

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Thus, such a dog would be recommended for someone suffering from PTSD due to a traumatic life experience, military veterans who feel the need to heal from emotional war scars, individuals with conditions such as autism and people with mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.


It is important to register dog as emotional support dog in order to benefit from factors such as carrying your dog on the plane while travelling and living with your dog in pet-free buildings. Our site enables dog owners to register dog as emotional support without a hassle. The process requires you to have an Emotional Support Animal letter which is a letter obtained from a professional doctor. The letter seeks to prove your eligibility for a support animal with the aim of aiding your particular mental disorder.

In the event that you do not have this letter at the time of registration, our site offers doctors that conduct assessments to prove your qualification.

The National Service Animal Registry requires dog owners to undertake a Public Access Test that seeks to prove your dog is manageable in public places. Of notable interest is that there is a difference between a service dog and an emotional support dog. A service dog is a professionally trained dog that offers certain services to its owner due to physical challenges.

A service dog must be professionally trained while an emotional support dog does not require professional training since it only offers emotional support. As such, you do not need to verify any form of professional training for your support dog.

Package kits

There are various kits available once you register dog as emotional support. The kits entail dog vests, harnesses, IDs, and certificates. The certificates and IDs offer proof of registration of your dog for your particular service. However, these items need not be presented everywhere you go. It is important to have the dog harnesses and vests for easier management of your animal.

These items make it easy for other people to identify your dog as a support animal and not just a usual pet. They also enable you to get access to various places without having to go through the hassle of explaining the work of your dog. These kits make it easy for people around you to feel comfortable knowing that your dog is under your control.

Register Dog As Emotional Support

Upon registration of your dog on our site, you will wait for about 3-4 business days to receive your kits that will include the dog vests and harnesses, NSAR certificate and photo IDs for your dog. Registration of your dog grants you a lifetime inclusion of your support animal on the NSAR database.

Dogs are amazing creatures whose emotional support and unconditional love go a long way to providing individuals with the necessary emotional care to aid in the management of their mental conditions. Registration of your animal supports your treatment by giving you the chance to be with your dog almost everywhere and at any time.