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Service Dog Collar

If you have a service dog or emotional support dog then you will want this service dog collar to properly identify your pet. With the closable handle on the middle you can hold and lift your dog safely. This service dog collar comes with a heavy duty buckle and safety lock for the perfect stability. Due to its material it’s easy to clean and care for. This collar is available with either Service Dog or Emotional Support Dog patches.




Our Service Dog Collar is available in both Emotional Support Dog and Service Dog with sizes ranging from small to large.


Service Dog Collar

Service Dog Collar

Service Dog Collar















Emotional Support Dog

Service Dog Collars

Emotional Support Dog Collar
















Dog neck 13-17 in, choose size S
Dog neck 15-20 in, choose size M
Dog neck 18-26 in, choose size L


What is the difference between an Emotional Support Dog and a Service Dog?

A service dog is trained to perform tasks that assist with the disability of it’s owner. Training can take normally 18-24 months. Once the Service Dog has completed it’s required training it is permitted to accompany it’s owner to most places other pets are not permitted.

An emotional support animal can also help it’s owner with their disability, but is not required to go through any type of training. Since little to no training is required anyone can register their dog as an emotional support dog to help with issues such as anxiety, depression, and more. The owner of an emotional support animal has rights to allow their pet to live with them (even if no pets are permitted) and to fly with them in the cabin of most airplanes.

To help you best determine which option is best for you please visit our homepage for more information: Emotional Support Dog Registration

Service dogs work to help it’s owner perform tasks he or she cannot perform on their own because of a disability, an emotional support animal works to improve the health of his or her owner who is disabled.

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