Emotional Support Dog Registration – Premium




Emotional Support Dog Registration – Premium Package

Our Emotional Support Dog Premium Package includes:

  • 1 – Official Certificate (includes name of handler, emotional support dog’s name, the date of registration, and signature)
  • 2- ID cards (displays the name of owner, breed of dog, state registered, registration number, and optional photo)
  • 1- Emotional Support Dog Vest (available in multiple sizes)
  • 1- Emotional Support Dog Patch (easily identify your ES dog with this patch)
  • 1- Emotional Support Dog Collar  (available in S, M, and L.)

This package is great for providing the information needed to support your emotional support dogs registration. The certificate is great for physical proof of registration for your airline or landlord to make them aware of your Emotional Support Dog registration status. The ID card is perfect to keep in your wallet or purse to validate your dog with establishment owners. The Emotional Support Dog vest and patch comes in handy to easily identify that your dog is working. The bonus collar is perfect to keep on your pet at all times so it’s always identified as a working dog.

Optional Accessories


airline approved pet carrier

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Emotional Support Dog Vest Sizes

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