How To Get A Service Dog For Anxiety

How To Get A Service Dog For Anxiety – Online Registration Information

Dogs are, without a shred of doubt, God’s best gift to mankind. They have an amazing ability to understand humans and form life-long bonds with us. Numerous stories and anecdotes, from across the globe, vindicate this emotion and love towards dogs. Knowing how to get a service dog for anxiety properly registered and certified can save you a lot of money, time and hassle.

How To Get A Service Dog For Anxiety

Today, as we inch towards greater depths in science and technology, we are just beginning to understand and apply the simple solutions nature gifts us. It is now well established that having a dog as a pet, has the ability to drastically improve our mood and mental well-being.

Depression and loneliness, which is a common symptom of modern lifestyle, often breeds other disorders like anxiety, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, etc. There are relief medications but they seldom cure the disease. They fail to reach the cause of the problem, which is an emotional vacuum.

A loyal and loving dog has the potential of reaching out where traditional medicines fail. Moreover, there is a holistic framework of federal laws dealing with animals which provide therapeutic benefits. In this article, we are going to focus on what exactly are Emotional Support Dogs, and how they can help a person with anxiety. Then, we will get into some details on how to get a service dog for anxiety.

Emotional Support Dogs are dogs trained to provide emotional support and companionship to humans. Some also provide help to people with disabilities. Moreover, dogs are known to recognize signs of panic attacks very effectively. But the key cornerstone of Emotional Support Dogs lies in their emotional appeal.

Any dog owner can apply for the registration for Emotional Support Dogs. They are not categorized based on breed but on their learning capabilities. To get your dog an Emotional Support Dogs tag, you need to have a prescription, by a certified doctor or a physician, for an emotional support animal therapy. Your dog generally doesn’t need professional training for the tag. We will be happy to assist you in every step of the registration process.

There are two major benefits of having the Emotional Support Dogs tag on your dog. Your dog will be directly protected by federal law and is treated as a vital companion to your well-being. Under the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA), an Emotional Support Dog can live in a dog-free housing complex. Furthermore, the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) ensures that you dog can travel in commercial flights, inside the cabin along with you.

The airline company cannot charge you extra for your dog. You have to inform the airline in advance and some behavioral training certification is necessary for any dog to board commercial airlines.

A symbol-coded dog vest is helpful in differentiating between an ordinary pet from a service dog. There are Emotional Support Dogs vests which will give them the necessary recognition. We sell comfortable vests along with harnesses and accessories, which will mark you dog as your emotional companion. You would still need the registration papers to accompany the vests, but it makes airline travel hassle-free.

A dog can mitigate stress and anxiety by forcing love and compassion into your life. They are like your children who need constant love and care. A dog’s presence can make you feel safe, happy and healthy. If you think you are somehow dependent on your dog for emotional support, contact us and we will guide you through the Emotional Support Dogs registration process.