Emotional Support Cat

Emotional Support Cat – Everything You Need To Know

Turn your pet into an emotional support cat with just a little time and money online to enabled them to travel and live with you at no additional cost, we help every step of the way.

Uplifting the profile of your favorite pet from an ordinary status to the level of an emotional support cat is both noble and beneficial. The discipline of psychiatry reminds us about the usefulness of our pets in calming our psychological instability and general mental discomfort. However, you must first register your pet before it assumes its new status on legal grounds.

We acknowledge the challenges that you may face as you try to register your pet as an emotional support animal. Our promise is to help you with the registration process up to the last detail.

Engaging a Licensed Therapist Regarding Your Emotional Support Cat

The first crucial step in the emotional support dog registration process is to engage a licensed therapist who will confirm your need for an emotional support animal in your life. A licensed mental health practitioner such as a psychiatrist or a psychologist should play a crucial role at this point. The law provides that a person needing an emotional support animal must have his or her needs approved by a mental health professional.

We are always ready to help you to comply with the law at this early stage. The advantage of experience enables us to work with great efficiency when it comes to dealing with the necessary paperwork and subsequent arrangements.

Emotional Support Cat

Specifics of the Paper Work

We delight in guiding you to show cause why you require an emotional support cat. If you have never gone through the process, you might find it daunting to obtain a rightly formatted letter from your certified mental health professional. Our task is help you secure the support of your designated professional, particularly with regard to the confirmation that you are indeed under his or her care.

The regulations further require that your type of mental condition should be included in the Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, Version IV or V. The medic should also indicate that your disability has a limiting factor of at least one aspect in your life.

Helping with registration alternatives

Our resourceful intervention is based partly on our understanding that you may lack a designated mental health professional. In some instances, your professional may be unwilling to go along with your wish to have an emotional support cat. We consider it as our task to find an alternative service that will enhance and hasten the registration process. In every sense, we deploy the full range of our knowledge and resourcefulness to get a timely assistance.

We provide the accessories that you need after registration

We commit ourselves to the provision of important accessories that you need once your emotional support cat has been duly registered as an emotional support animal. We supply emotional support cat vests, accessories and harnesses. You will need such items, especially if you intend to travel to some pet friendly holiday destination. Remember that the registration of your cat entails the advantage of flying with it without paying any pet fee.

You also benefit from a no-pet housing, which also comes without any pet fee charges. At all times, we resolve to make your life better with your favorite emotional support cat.